Sunday, March 15, 2015

Note Taking

I am about to start a new writing project that I haven't done before. I needed something to help keep my kids engaged while also lending itself to be easily put aside for testing interruptions. Here is my idea which will be followed by some questions that I am hoping you may help with.

Independent Research Project:

  • each student will pick their own topic to research and study during our reading block
    • this time will be spent discussing how you access various texts, synthesize the information, and develop your own ideas about the learned information
  • first part of project will focus on how to research and take notes effectively
  • students then write a multi-paragraph research essay paper 
    • this will be differentiated per each students' needs
  • students will develop a project that coincides with their paper to present to the class and possibly parents
  • I will be partnering with our GT teacher to help with this project, so students will be working on the same learning goal(s) throughout the day
Questions for You:

  1. I want to effectively teach students to take notes. A lot of my kids, have tried notebooks, folders, and Google Docs. How have you taught students to effectively take notes? What is the best way to help them note take on their research and then pull out the main ideas?
  2. What are your thoughts about paper versus technology for notetaking? I read this article that I thought was interesting:
  3. How do you steer kids away from trying to do 'all about' books to research essays?
I am looking forward to this project and I already have most of my parents on board to help with their child's project. I will try and share the different sources I use in this process and welcome any tips from you.

Happy March!