Saturday, September 13, 2014

September --- aaannnddd.. here we go!

We are a month into school and I am relieved to be over some of the annoying challenges of using technology on a normal basis.. like the whole "Wait.. what is my log in again?!"

Though that step is done, I still feel very overwhelmed about getting my kids to work at a faster pace and knowing how to track with me. For example, I was doing a math lesson and I was trying to have the students toggle between a Google document and my website. They were to read what their task was on the Google doc and then use a site to hep them with the assignment. HOWEVER, by the time I had already gone to the other site and pulled up the information, I realized my students didn't know what I was doing because they didn't know to scroll the page down. I didn't even think that I needed to talk through that. Now I know that I need to literally walk through each step and not assume. Huh... I think this has been a reflection of mine at the beginning of every school year. :(