Thursday, August 7, 2014

August 2014 Inspired Writing

Wow! A great start to Inspired Writing with LPS!

I think I love this cohort more every year. It is always amazing to hear about what other teachers are doing in their rooms. There are so many different ways to help support your students as well as make your life easier. This year, I hope to try the following:

Google Classroom
-- general use (may use more than Jing)

Google Forms
-- keep track of students' assignments
-- possibly use for book recommendations

-- use for Math Circles
-- beginning of the year "get to know you" activities

Class Website
-- file documents and websites under Teacher's Resources in a file cabinet

-- use for writing conferences
-- homework support

Oh the beginning of the year... when you are pumped and excited, rested, and still in denial about the amount of time you will have.

Here we go!


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