Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My March Madness

As we close in on our last day of TCAP testing, I find myself eager to get back into routines and actually teach. I feel like we all do so much better in an enviornment that is predictable and efficient. This was how I felt until our team looked at the units we need to teach and the amount of testing that still needs to get done. It feels like a rushed spuratic race to the finish line! I was hoping to really enjoy the last units of studies with my class and try new projects with lower stress. However, I now see that our return from break is full of MAPS, CMAS, as well as unit and district writing assessments. While I know this data is important, I feel like my kids are going to hate me by the end of all of it! I feel like I will be cramming curriculum down their throats inbetween testing and crazy schedules. I know I will find joy and great teaching opportunities in the midst of our crazy, but I just needed a moment to freak out about the amount of things that need to get done and the amount of things I'd like to get done in the short time we have left. :)

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