Saturday, February 1, 2014

Positive and Negative Things Happening in My Writers' Workshop

Making Progress: I am feeling more and more confident with trying new tools with my writing instruction. I have been very excited about doing some of my conferring and mid-week workshops through video. It has allowed me to be more effectively involved with my students throughout their writing process. I can give instant feedback or provide different lessons that directly apply to that writer. Also, I am finding that if I have my kids watch a video at home focused on the skill we will be doing the next day, I have more use of my workshop time. I don’t have to spend as much time modeling the new skill, but rather spend time helping them use the new skill. 

Hoping for Change: The area I need help with is being consistent with consequences of misused technology or independent writing time. It seems that my most reluctant writers, need the technology the most. However, they are also my students who are most likely to abuse these privileges. It is so frustrating because a natural consequence would be loss of technology, but that consequence hurts me more with managing their writing process and hurts them by creating more of block to engaging them as writers. ….gggrrrr

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