Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Many Uses of Exit Slips 
by Robert J. Marzano

Hi All,

This year I have set a goal to use exit slips more consistently in all content areas. Last year, I used exit slips primarily in math to obtain a quick formative feedback. I found that this practice allowed me to know what my kids needed and how to efficiently organize my small group and extension work. After reading this article, I have decided to use exit slips throughout the day for various reasons. I am a big believer in students being held accountable for their learning and liked the idea of using a exit slip for students to reflect on their group work and effort on specific assignments.

The attached article highlights various ways in which exit slips may be used. Do you currently use exit slips? After reading this article, do you feel that there are different ways in which you may use them in the future?

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Erin Gonshor


  1. This seems like a great strategy. Just worked with a department at one of the high schools about remediation after a summative assessment. Exit slips really are the proactive way for a teacher to have a pulse on which students get it and which ones need more support... before we get to a summative assessment. It also gives students a feel for areas they know they need help with or areas they feel they have mastered.

  2. I feel that not only are the exit slips helpful for our future teaching, but I have found that it is great to read about students' own reflection on their learning. I think with exit slips they are more likely to retain their learning from the day after thinking about it again. I have been trying to do a variety of types of questions like the article suggested too. I think I am going to try to include cross-curricular questions as well. My only issue is I need to preplan my questions instead of just on the spot at 3:05 :)